The Use of Cocoa and Chocolate Aroma in Products

Chocolate and cocoa are almost universally beloved as flavors, but that’s not the only aspect of these products that people crave. The aroma of chocolate and cocoa is just as important to people as its flavor, and is widely regarded as one of the world’s favorite flavors overall, tying with classics such as vanilla for that top spot. So it’s no surprise that cocoa and chocolate aromas are used in an incredibly broad range of applications throughout the fragrance industry – perhaps on just as regular a basis as it is used within the flavor industry in the creation of delicious desserts (and even a handful of savory fare options).


One of the main areas for the use of chocolate and cocoa flavors is in the creation of bath and body products. From body soap to lotions, as well as products such as facial cleansing masks and much more, personal care products scented with Natural Choclatone – just to name one popular chocolate flavor and fragrance ingredient – can provide buyers with a relaxing and soothing product that will be sure to stimulate their senses. However, it’s not just these types of products that can be enhanced with these aromas.


Among the many products for the home that can be enhanced through the use of the many fragrance ingredients that can recreate chocolate and cocoa are scented candles. Some scented candles have chocolate or cocoa aromas as their main notes, while chocolate can be used as part of an overall aroma profile in the creation of other types of fragrances. For example, a chocolate chip scented candle may be enhanced with chocolate aroma in addition to vanilla, sweet notes, and the brown notes that make an aroma feel “freshly baked”.


Regardless of how a flavorist chooses to use chocolate or cocoa aromas in their products, they can be sure to make something scrumptious for buyers. From aerosol air fresheners to perfumes, chocolate aromas can be used in just about everything to create an aroma that will certainly stimulate all the senses – and perhaps give buyers just a little bit of a craving for chocolate, too.