The Top Flavor Trends for Grilled Foods

The most important components of delicious grilled fare are the way the food is being cooked – propane or charcoal, everyone has a favorite – and the quality of the meats or veggies that you’re cooking. However, various flavors, marinades, and spices can all be used to jazz up a grilled food favorite, whether you’re looking for a unique spin on corn on the cob or a flavorful new way to enjoy shrimp skewers, steaks, or anything else that you could possibly imagine.


The classics are classic for a reason, and you would be hard pressed to find any flavorist who wasn’t going to give barbecue or chili seasoning its due. But there are many new flavorful ways to do something a little bit different with your favorite grilled fare, and with summer on its way there’s no better time to look at what are sure to be some of this year’s biggest flavor trends.


With the increased popularity of Latin American cuisine, in all types of flavor markets, it’s no surprise that Latin and Mexican flavors are making their way onto grills in a number of different ways. From general spiciness, which can be added by using Advanced Biotech’s Natural Furfuryl Propionate, to citrus flavors such as zesty lemon and orange, pepper, and much more, there are many ways to bring in the unique qualities of this delicious type of cuisine, whether you’re creating a delicious meat rub or a marinade for a food product.


Explore the many different options available, and don’t forget that veggies and seafood are just as big a part of Mexican and Latin American cuisine as meats such as pork and steak. There are many new ways to rejuvenate this specialty cuisine and to bring it to buyers’ backyard grills.