Strawberry Flavor Applications

There are few things as naturally sweet and flavorful as ripe, red strawberries. You can use this flavor in the creation of many baked goods, including muffins, cakes, pies, cookies, and more. It’s especially popular in baking mixes that allow consumers to bake up the strawberry-flavored desserts, snacks, and breakfasts they want in their own kitchens at home. You can also use strawberry flavor ingredients to enhance the flavor of jams, frostings, and other sweets that are delicious by themselves or alongside a variety of baked goods.


The flavor of strawberry also lends itself perfectly to delectable frozen treats; ice cream, ice pops, and more. Get a berry-licious kick from the addition of natural strawberry furanone or strawberry extract. Strawberries work equally well in all-fruit ice pops, ice creams and frozen yogurts blended with creamy flavors for a smooth, cool dessert.


Strawberry has always been a popular choice when it comes to candy as well. Confectionery items such as gummy candies, flavored syrups, and a wide range of other sweets all benefit from the addition of strawberry flavor ingredients. Strawberry flavor is ideal in taffy and other chewy candies, hard candies, and even the newest and fastest-growing sector: candy containing CBD.


Last but definitely not least, strawberry flavor is also right at home in the beverage industry, often used to create a variety of drinks. Strawberry makes a great addition to juice drinks and smoothies, blending with the other fruit flavors to create juicy, sweet, and tart flavors. Strawberry notes also shine when it comes to chocolate drinks as well as coffee drinks.


National Strawberry Day is a great reminder of this versatile and naturally delicious ingredient, and that it’s the ideal time for flavorists to experiment with new flavor combinations involving this incredibly popular and well-loved little red berry. Our natural flavor ingredients can help you fine-tune the flavors of your products and create precisely the taste your customers want.