Snacks Get More Complex

There are two big trends to talk about right now, in both the savory and the snacks market. When it comes to savory foods, as well as the products used in their creation, complexity has ruled the scene for quite a while. Even so, this still remains to be the case, as an increasing number of flavorists seek out ways to create great, complex flavors for food products whose goal is to fuse global cuisines.


A great example of this is in the boxed foods market, where flavorists have designed many food products that make use of herbal flavors as well as citrus flavors (which can be added to a product through the use of flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Citrus Enhancer) in order to create the flavors for the product. Heavy tomato-based, cream, and cheese flavors may still be popular, but lately they’re taking a backseat to the many other great flavors that are available.


In the snacks industry flavorists are taking a similar route, and looking for ways to make snack products ranging from protein bars to confections more sophisticated and complex than ever before. Popular flavor ingredients such as carrot, which can be added to a product through the use of Advanced Biotech’s Natural Carrot Extract, are being combined with flavors such as pineapple to create complex flavors. These traditionally bland snacks are getting a boost and being enhanced with ingredients to give them a modern edge. Regardless of where in the industry a flavorist works, they can make good use of these trends in creating exciting products that push the boundaries of what people expect from their food products.