Seafood Trends

As consumers become increasingly health-conscious, they’re naturally eating more seafood. Fish and other seafood items are rich in essential fatty acids and form an essential part of any healthy diet. Here are some of the top seafood trends that we’re seeing in 2020.




Unsurprisingly, sustainable seafood tops the list of 2020 trends. For years, US retail and foodservice buyers have been making the switch to more sustainable practices and products, and demand appears to be growing. Chefs are incorporating sustainable options into their menus, and consumers are branching out and trying different types of seafood beyond salmon and shrimp in the name of sustainability.


Plant-based “seafood”


Plant-based foods are booming, and plant-based seafood is no exception. The plant-based trend isn’t just for vegans, either: omnivores are getting in on the action as they learn about the health benefits of adding more plant proteins to their diets. Plant-based “seafood” companies are taking full advantage of this trend with a wide range of new items designed to appeal to today’s health-conscious animal lovers.


Grain-free flours


Suppliers are taking notice of the high demand for grain-free and alternative flours in their products. Products featuring gluten-free breading and ingredients as well as a range of other innovative flour substitutes are now widely available. Some of the new ingredients making unexpected appearances include cauliflower, teff, and bean or seed mixes.


South African flavors


One of the latest trends in food is South African flavors—bold, spicy seasonings that are perfect for seafood dishes. Professionals in the food and beverage industry who focus on seafood are experimenting with products such as Piri Piri sauce, braai, biltong, and tajin (a mixture of salt, chili powder, and dehydrated lime). These are not new flavors, but they are making fresh waves to appeal to today’s adventurous consumer.


Kids’ cuisine


Snacks and meals for kids are getting more adventurous and refined, too. Food manufacturers are bridging the gap between familiar favorites and new products that appeal to more sophisticated younger palates–for example, non-breaded salmon fish sticks. The fermented, the spicy, the umami, and the fun-shaped are mingling in a great new lineup of grown-up snacks for kids.