Seafood Flavor Ingredients for Soups, Dips, and More

The rich seafood flavor of fish and shellfish are difficult to replicate, especially in frozen and packaged items. It is important to get the flavor ingredients used to enhance products like crab dip, chowders, and fish sauces just right. This is why so many food manufacturers turn to the use of flavor ingredients, such as Advanced Biotech’s seafood complex, in order to give their products a flavor boost.


Choosing to use a flavor ingredient to enhance the taste of seafood can go a long way toward helping a product keep its natural flavor. This is especially important with fish, compared to other flavors such as beef or pork. Fishy flavors are not only used in soups, spreads, and dips either – they are also popular with fish-flavored dishes of the boxed food variety, and can be used to enhance a powdered sauce blend for use over instant noodles, rice, and a variety of other similar foods.


Using a fish flavor ingredient also has the benefit of giving a product a much longer shelf life, whether it is a canned, frozen or a packaged product. These ingredients also offer more consistency with a food product, ensuring that every batch has the same great seafood flavor as the one before it. Even a product that already contains fish can benefit. Lighter and fresher fish flavors, such as tilapia, can be enhanced by these flavor ingredients to make them more traditionally “fishy”, something that many consumers will love.


Fish flavors are also important in the creation of other dishes that many people might not think of as containing fish, such as salad dressings and sauces (such as Worcestershire sauce) for other types of foods and in Asian and other ethnic foods that traditionally use fish sauce as an ingredient. In fact, the range of fish flavor in food is likely much larger than the average consumer would think, making it an important multipurpose flavor ingredient in the culinary world.