Savory Ice Cream Is All the Rave

Ice Cream is a perennial favorite all year round, whether in scoops, cups, tubs, cakes, sandwiches, or bars. Nothing says fresh, sweet, creamy, and tasty like vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate ice cream. The list of traditional and innovative flavors is long, including chocolate chip, cookie dough, blueberry cheesecake, mint, and cookies and cream. Although many people don’t know that savory tastes are also popular–this trend is not new – think salted caramel and peanut butter brownies. Nonetheless, it’s a concept that’s back in vogue.
Frozen, Sweet, and Savory
While unexpected, these sweet and savory combinations are not altogether surprising. Desserts have long benefited from a marriage of complementary profiles, such as chocolate, salt, prosciutto and melon, the savory moderating the sweetness and waking the taste buds.
Beyond the bacon ice cream a contestant created on “Top Chef” a few years ago, brands and chefs add salt, herbs, and vegetables using high-quality ingredients and flavor and aroma extracts. For example, pastry chef Jason Gehring from Cinghiale steeps the cream in his classic Italian zuccotto with sweet corn and thyme and adds cornmeal to the sponge. He also adds rosemary to his chocolate cake while smoking the ganache, sprinkling the result with smoked sea salt. This layered dessert is a subtly sweet and savory sensation.
Frozen and Simply Savory
However, what about ice creams, where the primary flavor is savory? Think avocado, beer, even garlic ice creams, and endless inventive combinations. Brands taking the savory plunge include Van Leeuwen with Earl Grey Tea, Collhaus’s Balsamic Fig and Mascarpone, Ben & Jerry’s Urban Bourbon, New Orleans Café au Lait and Beignets, and Mr Green Tea Red Bean. And let’s not forget the possibly most satisfyingly savory of all, Van Leeuwen’s Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and Hidden Valley Ranch ice creams.
Frozen Fermented Savories
Further east, fermentation is adding interest to ice cream. These frozen innovations include Komego’s exotic-sounding red miso with crunchy almonds, white miso with cream cheese, fermented rice – sake, and Yamato’s soy sauce soft serve.
Daio Wasabi Farm offers wasabi spiced ice cream for even more adventurous consumers, or you can find soft serve dyed with squid ink at Yaizu city’s fish market. You may even come across a Jellyfish-flavored variant. In addition, Häagen Dazs has delighted their Japanese consumers with the more familiar (to the Western palate) purple sweet potato, carrot, and cherry tomato ice cream.
Ice Cream, but Better
At the same time, consumers are increasingly health-conscious, looking for cleaner, more natural flavoring ingredients and demanding label transparency. So, satisfy your customers’ taste for flavor novelty and innovation and their need for purity and peace of mind–choose Advanced Biotech’s plant-based, EU-certified flavor and aroma molecules.
Discover Exciting and Natural Flavor and Aroma Extracts
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In addition, we produce our extracts from carefully selected high-quality beans, vegetables, fruits, botanicals, and other raw sources. In addition, our cutting-edge extraction processes are continually greener, more cost-effective, and more efficient, with optimal levels of extract to solvent.
Advanced Biotech for Safe and More Sustainable Savory Surprises
So, why not expand your ice cream portfolio to include an enticing savory selection? Explore and develop innovation with our flavor and aroma molecules range. Please contact us for more information.