Picnic-Ready Flavor Trends

Nothing brings people together like a picnic, and as lockdown restrictions continue to prevent most indoor gatherings and indoor dining, picnics are the perfect solution for consumers to spend time with friends and family while respecting social distance guidelines and indulging in delicious treats. Join us at Advanced Biotech as we explore some of the flavor trends we predict will be revamping this outdoor past time and the snacks that are bringing people together during this challenging time.



                With many having to forego vacations this past year due to travel restrictions, consumers are redirecting their budgets to fund more premium food and drink choices. From organic, non-GMO produce, natural wines and top-shelf spirits, premium cuts of meat for barbecuing and imported cheeses, products in this category are experiencing a surge in popularity as consumers are looking for alternate ways to indulge their senses this season. Consumers looking to add a polished edge to their picnics will enjoy these elevated snacks and continue to push retailers to carry more premium products.


Individually Packed

                Due to COVID concerns, sharing bowls of platters of food at gatherings may be a thing of the past. Consumers are on the hunt for individually packaged products that are easy to transport and safe to share. Shelf-stable snack that can be stored in picnic baskets and coolers are popular choices for outdoor get-togethers. Popcorn seasoned with sea salt, packs of roasted nuts sprinkled with chili powder and lime, mini-cheeses in interesting flavors like smoked gouda and white cheddar, and even individual cups of olives are making their way onto picnic blankets this season.



                As the health and wellness lifestyle trend continues, snacks featuring functional ingredients are becoming hits at outdoor gatherings. Pre-made balled packed with healthy ingredients like turmeric and maca powder, crackers infused with collagen, cheeses fortified with vitamins, and beverages that boast gut-boosting probiotics are popular choices for consumers looking to extend their health goals beyond their kitchens.


Pandemic-appropriate, and health conscious snacks with a premium twist are thriving this season as consumers are looking for products that fit into their new realities. Those looking for new ways to safety spend time with loves ones while enjoying a socially distanced meal will continue to push brands to innovate this season.