Pair Super Fruit with Chocolate? Discover 2022’s Favorite Flavor Profile Trends

Chocolate and orange, chocolate and raisins, and chocolate-dipped strawberries and pineapple slices are firm and familiar favorites for fruit flavor pairings, standing the test of time and discerning consumer tastebuds.
The slightly counter-intuitive combination is also versatile, successfully pairing in sweet pastries and bakes, chocolate bars, assortments and countlines, puddings and desserts, ice creams, flavored yogurts, and even eclectic savory dishes.
However, did you know the number of appealing fruit and chocolate pairings is endless?
Discover the Expanding Universe of Chocolate and Fruit Pairings
With over 600 chocolate flavor profiles in seven distinct categories – earthy, spicy, floral, vegetative, caramel, nutty and fruity, it’s not surprising that pairing fruity chocolate with fruit will enhance the chocolate and fruit flavor and aroma notes.
In addition, this potential for creative and exciting paired profiles is thanks to the way chocolate compounds can balance out the acidity in sharp fruits such as citrus and kiwi while enhancing the sweetness of more neutral-flavored fruits such as apples and cherries.
Milk chocolate pairs well with any choice of fruit, especially those not requiring balancing but added sweetness. In contrast, more bitter dark chocolate works best with sweeter fruits, including raspberries, strawberries, and bananas, while milder creamier white chocolate pairs best with more acidic options, such as superfruits and foods such as blueberries, mangoes, and oranges.
Summer 2022: Sweet and Spicy Superfruits
With Summer here, topical flavors will be light, fresh, and zesty. So, make the most of pairings that include tangy lemons, strawberries, raspberries, peaches, and the tropical delights of pineapple, banana, papaya, and mango. Think dark and lighter chocolate for pairings, and don’t forget to include summery herbs, superfood botanicals, spices, and an unexpected coffee twist.
Also, more than one fruit can be paired for novelty and exotic appeal. Intriguing pairings on the market include orange and pink grapefruit, blueberry and acai, and raspberry and cranberry. The secret is to stick to the chocolate-fruit pairing rules, combining fruits with similar mouthfeel characteristics.
In Addition, No Pressure: Healthy, Plant-Based, and Innovative
With changing consumer preferences creating a greater demand for natural and healthier ingredients and products, manufacturers, chefs, and caterers must also ensure their chocolate and fruit pairings rely on pure and responsibly sourced ingredients while avoiding artificial additives and preservatives. At the same time, consumers are looking for novelty and multi-sensory experiences.
In addition, with ‘clean’ chocolate catching on worldwide, these fruity flavor and aroma pairings are undeniably perfect for plant-based confectionery and patisserie to leverage the phenomenal growth in vegan and plant-based pastries, cakes, and sweets and treats.
However, the challenge for manufacturers is to provide healthier, more responsible ingredients while retaining exceptional taste and sought-after luxury indulgence.
Advanced Biotech’s high-quality, plant-based EU-certified flavor and aroma molecules and compounds are perfect for naturally enhancing chocolate and fruit paired patisserie and confectionery products.
Lift Your Chocolate and Fruit Pairings with Advanced Biotech’s Natural Flavor and Aroma Ingredients
Advanced Biotech provides a comprehensive range of flavor and aroma-enhancing ingredient molecules and compounds.
The extensive collection includes natural, vegan sweet, acidic, fruity, and chocolate aromatics, oleoresins, distillates, and extracts, whether for inclusion as fruit pieces, dried fruit, jellies, creams, fondants, or licorices.
Advanced Biotech’s ingredients are also kosher-certified, certified regarding sources and production processes, and can be sampled before finalizing orders. In addition, Advanced Biotech will also customize or source ingredients for bespoke requirements.
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