Outdoor Movie Flavors For Summer

Trendiest Outdoor Movie Snacks


With the increased availability of technology and large screens, the outdoor movie night is growing in popularity among people of all ages. The weather is perfect, the backyard is beautiful and roomy, and everyone’s in the mood to throw a party – all that’s missing are the movie snacks. Here are a few flavor trends to look out for this summer.


Adult beverages


Outdoor movie nights aren’t just for kids – far from it. Champagne is the perfect party drink, along with endless summer cocktails to quench the thirst. Fruity flavors are ideal for hot weather, so think something like a rosé punch featuring flavors such as blackberry, strawberry, and lime. These flavors are easily recreated in ready-to-drink chillable products using flavor ingredients such as strawberry extract and lemon-lime extract. An outdoor movie night is also the perfect time for alcoholic popsicles! And don’t forget alcohol-infused fruit such as boozy melon balls drenched in vodka and bourbon-soaked cherries.


Small but elegant bites


Movie snacks are traditionally finger foods such as popcorn and candy. When it comes to entertaining adults, however, there’s a shift toward more sophisticated versions of these snacky bites. Many people are firing up their grills, ovens, and skillets for events like these and serving up modern twists on old classics such as steak and fry bites, bite-size crab cakes, prosciutto-and-melon skewers, bacon-wrapped pickles, and bunless burger bites (a bite-size meatball with cheese, lettuce, a pickle chip, and a round, red cherry tomato stacked on a stick). Summertime – especially outdoor movie night –is the perfect time for smoky flavors.


Snacks for kids – new and improved


Even snacks for your youngest guests are getting a facelift. Parents are seeking out healthy but tasty treats for their little ones more and more. Today’s parent hosting an outdoor movie party for kids will look for uniquely nutritious foods that still feel familiar to pickier youngsters, such as frozen yogurt pops, trail mix, veggie pita pockets, and fruit smoothies. When it comes to dessert, there are endless ways to make cakes, cookies, and frozen concoctions taste amazing with natural, healthy ingredients such as bananas, peanut butter, coconut oil, dried fruit, vanilla, applesauce, and many more. In fact, dessert themselves have become hiding places for all sorts of superfoods, including chickpeas, avocados, berries, and zucchini.


Fun drinks for kids of all ages


If there’s one thing an outdoor movie night needs on a muggy evening, it’s drinks, and lots of them – not the adult variety, but cool, refreshing drinks that everyone can enjoy. Like snacks, non-alcoholic beverages are getting a makeover and becoming more fun, more sophisticated, more stylish, and more delicious. From lemonades featuring blackberry flavors and sangria “mocktails” to watermelon smoothies and orange creamsicle drinks, now is the perfect time to create a signature beverage using the light and fresh tastes of summer.


You can’t go wrong experimenting with fruity or smoky flavors, sophisticated snacks, and refreshing adult beverages for helping your customers make their perfect outdoor summer movie night a reality.