Orange Blossom Blooms

Orange blossoms are used around the world in culinary dishes, beverages, and dessert to impart a delicate citrus flavor. In food and beverages such as teas, the orange blossom is subtly aromatic. It is a little more nuanced and lighter than the aroma of orange extract, making it perfect for a range of treats from sweet orange blossom meringues to gin-based cocktails. Here’s how consumers are approaching the pure delight that is the orange blossom.


In baked goods


The delicate flavor of orange blossom, available through Advanced Biotech’s natural Neryl Acetate, lends itself beautifully to an entire world of baked treats. Just a few ideas include orange blossom muffins, pistachio and orange blossom cake, and orange blossom crème Chantilly macaroons. Baked French toast with orange blossom syrup is making welcome appearances on brunch plates; orange blossom strawberry sponge cake with soft whipped cream is a perfectly light end to a summer meal. Baked goods also get quite sophisticated in confections such as profiteroles with orange blossom infused whipped cream and vanilla bean gelato.


In adult beverages


The Orange Blossom cocktail itself is a classic Prohibition-era beverage that calls to mind the beach on a sunny day, no matter the weather. Drinkers love the balance of sweet and tart notes in this delicious cocktail. However, the flavor of orange blossom is also right at home in a wide range of other cocktails such as screwdrivers and orange juice highballs. Update a Tequila Sunrise with orange blossom or add depth to the essence of a classic Mimosa. Alabama Slammers, Creamsicles, and Sex on the Beach are several other drinks that would only benefit from the addition of the subtle taste of orange blossom.


In sauces and seasonings


From the savory to the sweet (and combinations thereof), sauces offer a great chance to experiment with orange blossom. Consumers love the new and unexpected, so if sauce is your game, consider some grown-up new versions of old favorites such as saffron and orange blossom sauce (perfect for seafood), salted caramel orange blossom sauce (delicious over ice cream), or perhaps a sauce featuring orange blossom, onion, and soy sauce designed to serve over lamb chops. As people cook more and more, flavorists have a unique opportunity to focus on packaged sauces and other products that appeal to the home chef who wants to make a great impression on discerning guests.


It’s important to note that consumers tend to view orange-blossom-flavored products as more unique and “premium” than other flavors, including traditional orange, making orange blossom a great ingredient for flavorists to experiment with to create new flavor combinations.