New and Unique Ways to Use Maple Flavors

Maple is a classic flavor that has been in homes for centuries. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for exploration and innovation when it comes to this flavor ingredient. Maple is appearing in an increasing number of food products, ranging from baked good and breakfast foods to confectionery treats. Maple flavor ingredients also have a number of classic applications as well, so it is important to determine how to help the old merge with the new when utilizing maple flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Caramel Furanone and Tetrahydrofurfuryl Acetate.


Maple syrup is an expensive product that, for many, is reserved for special occasions. However, the flavor and experience of maple syrup can be harnessed by using maple flavor ingredients to create other types of breakfast syrups.


One of the most innovative ways that maple is being used is in pairings with savory flavors such as bacon. Maple and bacon are a flavor combination that is seeing use in an ever increasing number of applications. Maple can now be found in sweet breads, in products such as cupcakes and cupcake frosting, and even in products such as chocolate candy treats. Maple by itself can be used in the creation of soft candies such as caramels, taffies and fudge, or it can be combined with other flavor ingredients for innovative new flavors. Other products that maple can be found in include ice creams and other frozen treats.


Maple flavor is also very common in the creation of marinades and sauces, and it can also be used in the creation of flavors for smoked meats such as beef jerky by using Advanced Biotech’s Natural Quesote 10%. It can also be used to create flavors for snack food products that seek to replicate a maple flavor, such as maple-enhanced barbecue flavors and more.


One of the best things about maple is that there is a lot of room for innovation and exploration when it comes to this type of flavor ingredient. The next big maple flavor combination is just around the corner.