New Twists on Pantry Classics

The reinvention of classic pantry staples is a recent trend that has been gaining much attention among consumers. Unconventional takes on classics like dried pasta, crackers, granola keep consumers from becoming bored while also retaining important factors like cost value and shelf-life. Today, we at Advanced Biotech are exploring the trends and flavors revamping tried and true pantry products for seasoned shoppers and the new generation of consumers alike.



Artisan has been a buzzword for the past few years, with consumers increasingly reaching towards products that are unique flavors, handmade, small batch, and local. As consumer values shift, big brands are following suit and are more consistently pushing out products that reflect these changes. Truffle hot sauce, squid ink pasta, vodka-infused ketchup, and aged cheddar granola are just a few examples of new takes on pantry classics. Consumers looking to experience niche taste sensations while still fulfilling the need to stock their kitchens with functional products will gravitate towards these nuanced items.



            With many consumers still stuck at home, most are looking for more accessible ways to experience new, international flavors. Protein bars featuring South American-inspired flavors like crunchy, cinnamon-dusted churro and sweet and spicy Mexican hot chocolate are hot items this season, while ready to eat soups featuring flavors like Vietnamese pho, a broth perfectly balanced with lemongrass and star anise, and microwave meals like Indian chicken curry are perfect for quick meals with a global twist.



            Healthy takes on pantry staples combine practicality with popularity as products featuring functional ingredients, fewer calories, and less additives satisfy consumers’ needs for sensible purchasing with enhanced features. Granola sweetened with manuka honey, crackers flavored with beetroot, and hot chocolate mix with adaptogen mushrooms are just some of the new products with added health benefits that have been hitting retail shelves lately. With many consumers looking to make healthier swaps to improve their immunity and overall wellness, we can expect to see many similar products in the future.


New takes on consumer favorites present an opportunity for larger companies and smaller brands alike to win the interest of shoppers. Interesting flavors, increased functionality, and global flavors are raising the bar for panty classics as consumers continue to search for new dining experiences.