New Fall Flavor and Ingredient Trends

The flavors and ingredients that consumers expect change with the seasons, and as the summer winds down the first hints of fall often come from the flavors that hit store shelves and restaurants. Seasonal trends are important to the flavor industry, and each year a number of old favorites as well as new additions to the fall flavor profile are released to the delight of consumers everywhere.


The major difference between summer and fall flavors is, not surprisingly, the addition of more savory flavor ingredients to products. Rich cinnamon and other spices, such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Cinnamon Extract dominate, along with fall harvest products and ingredients such as pumpkin. Even sweet, summer flavors such as apple tend to get a makeover as they are mixed with spice to create something that is a little heavier, warmer, and enticing as the cooler months approach.


Fall is also the beginning of a major boost for cocoas and coffees as well as for rich foods such as stews and soups. Heavier and richer ingredients can add depth to these products and make them more appropriate for the fall and winter. However, while rich meaty flavors, onion, and garlic are all commonplace for this time of year, new trends have also seen more custom flavor companies adding hot spices and peppers to products – the perfect way to warm things up even as the temperatures drop.


Custom flavor creation in the fall months can also see the introduction of flavors meant to mimic the most popular tastes of the season, from pumpkin pie to sweet and spicy gingerbread. Those in the baked goods industries can find an especially wide range of flavors to experiment with as they create both classic fall treats and new, customized flavors for consumers. All in all, it is time to start thinking seasonally and to prepare for the upcoming holidays. A veritable cornucopia of new flavors is expected to hit shelves, restaurants, and other foods and beverages suppliers this fall.