New and Delicious Hot Dog Flavors

Hot dogs and franks are an American classic, and being an All-American food dish it is no surprise that they’ve been subject to a fair amount of invention (and reinvention) over the years. That is truer now than ever before, as even some of the biggest names in the food production industry have been creating delicious, unique hot dog flavors, sausage, bratwurst, franks, and much more in an incredibly wide range of delicious flavors. Some of these are unlike anything shoppers will have ever had the pleasure of experiencing ever before.


Stronger spices and seasonings are just one of the many changes that have been made. From the basics such as garlic and onion, available through the use of Advanced Biotech’s Natural Garlic Oil and Natural Methional, to more obscure flavor components such as ginger and sage, there are numerous flavors that can be used to create delicious hot dog flavors.


However, more definite flavors are also available. One of these is bacon, which has appeared in numerous different types of hot dogs from many manufacturers. Bacon flavors can easily be recreated with the use of Advanced Biotech’s Natural Savory Complex, smokey notes such as those provided by Natural Guaiacol, and even through the use of flavor ingredients such as Natural Maple Furanone in order to create the sweet notes so commonly found in this cut of meat.


Spicy flavors such as Buffalo sauce are also increasing in popularity, especially in hot dogs derived from chicken and turkey rather than more traditional styles of meat. Prominent cheese notes are also increasingly being used in these products. While American style and Cheddar cheese flavors are the most common, numerous others are also being made available in these delicious hot dog products. Flavorists have plenty of excellent options when it comes to creating these products whether they are looking to create something brand new, or they are formulating a recipe for an old favorite.