A pyrazine is a versatile and unique type of ingredient that has a wide number of applications. The process of creating the various types of pyrazines can be quite complex, requiring strict attention to detail and an in-depth knowledge of the chemical processes needed to create the various pyrazines needed for a number of flavor and fragrance solutions. Advanced Biotech is one of the leading producers of pyrazines, with flavor profiles ranging from the savory to the sweet. These flavors can be used in almost any type of application, but are especially useful in the creation of various foods that need a savory touch.


There are many different types of pyrazines available, all with different applications within the flavor and fragrance industries. Advanced Biotech offers both alkyl and alkoxy pyrazines, both of which can be used to create number of different flavors and fragrances. These quality products are created by Advanced Biotech with an extreme sense of attention to detail, with emphasis placed on creating a product that is safe and healthy for consumption while still providing the same great flavors (and in some cases fragrances) needed for large-scale production of a variety of products.

Alkyl Pyrazines

Alkyl pyrazines have a characteristically savory flavor profile, and are perfect for adding a savory flavor to a variety of different foods. From powdered flavorants to a variety of sauces and packaged foods, alkyl pyrazines are useful in a number of applications throughout the flavors industry. They can help enhance the flavors of cooked and packaged heat-treated foods significantly, replacing any flavor that is lost in the packaging process. They are perfect for the industry that is looking to enhance the flavors of their dishes, or even for those companies looking to add a savory taste to the flavor profile of their product overall.


Many alkyl pyrazines also have a characteristic nutty or chocolate flavor and odor profile, making them perfect for use in the production of a number of different candies, and even in the baked goods industry. These products have the ability to incredibly enhance the natural flavors of many different types of products, and are a sure way to contribute to the overall desirability of these different food types.

Alkoxy Pyrazines

Alkoxy pyrazines are similar to alkyl pyrazines in that most will provide a characteristically “nutty” odor or flavor profile, but there are also many that provide flavors and fragrances such as green bell pepper or tomato. These products are perfect for the consumer looking to add depth to the flavor profile of their product. They can be used in a number of different applications, although they see their widest use in industries related to the production of custom flavors. Alkoxy pyrazines are also commonly used to add their characteristic savory, and sometimes spicy, aroma to a number of different products.


Advanced Biotech is committed to offering a full range of pyrazines, in addition to other types of flavors and fragrances. Our wide range of flavor and fragrance solutions drives innovation, high-quality production of a variety of products, and ultimately efficiency. Contact a representative at Advanced Biotech for more information or to see our full catalog of high-quality pyrazines.

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