Natural Ingredients for Healthy Hair

As the health and wellness lifestyle continues, consumers continue to gravitate towards natural products with clean label ingredients. Traditional haircare products packed with artificial additives are declining in popularity as consumers tend to avoid chemicals that may dry out their hair, irritate their scalp, and aggravate skin issues. Wholesome, natural ingredients offer many benefits that manufacturers and consumers alike are utilizing for haircare purposes. Keep reading as we explore three natural ingredients that work to promote healthy hair.




                Honey is rich in antioxidants making it the prefect way to naturally rejuvenate hair that has been damaged by heat, color treatments, or continued exposure to cold weather. Honey can help to reverse and prevent damaged caused by over-styling or environmental pollutant exposure. Honey is also a natural humectant, making it the perfect way to restore moisture to dry, over-processed locks and can be used to prevent hair breakage. Honey is most popularly found in shampoo and conditioners as well as hair treatments like masks and leave in conditioners and is loved for its effectiveness and sweet, floral scent.


Tea Tree


                The benefits of tea tree oil focus mostly on the scalp, as its antifungal properties can help to soothe irritated skin and heal itchy and scaling skin due to fungal dandruff. The fresh, menthol properties of tea tree oil is also popularly used to revitalize dull, tired hair and refresh the scalp, promoting healthier looking hair and removing dead skin. Because tea tree oil is an essential oil, it is only used in small amounts and should not be applied directly to the skin or hair in order to avoid irritation or chemical burns. Tea tree oil is most commonly found in dandruff shampoos and wash-out scalp treatments and is particularly popular in the winter months as cold weather and indoor heating tends to dry out the scalp.




                Loved for its sweet, gentle scent, almond oil is most commonly used to soften hair. This naturally derived oil is ideal for treating dullness and dryness without weighing down hair, and can also be used to soothe dry, itchy scalps and cure dandruff. Almond is also known to be an emollient, meaning that it can fill in the cellular gaps in the hair, promoting growth while also making hair smoother and stronger over time with continued use. Naturally rich in antioxidants, almond oil is can also protect hair from environmental pollutants and repair damaged hair.


Consumers can use these products individually, or purchase natural products that contain these powerful botanic ingredients. Either way, natural solutions to common hair and scalp issues can be gently and safety addressed with these wholesome ingredients and manufacturers will continue to create products to keep up with this trend.