Is a Healthier Soda a Possibility?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have warned that Americans consume too much sugar, contributing to health problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, weight gain and obesity, kidney disease, and gout.
One of the main culprits in the United States and around the globe is sodas. This popular beverage type is convenient, widely available, affordable, tasty, sweet, and refreshing. The category features household name super brands, part of the national and global culture for as long as we can remember. Unfortunately, sodas are laden with refined sugar and are high in calories, with one 12-ounce can containing up to 42 grams of sugar. Shockingly, this amount equates to seven to ten teaspoons. In addition, beyond the apparent health issues, consuming sweetened drinks increases the appetite and creates acid, which causes tooth decay. Even low or no-sugar options containing saccharin or aspartame are unhealthy, with associated risks not significantly reduced.
Personal Health Is Not the Only Concern
A new megatrend is emerging – neo-ecology.
This sea change in mindsets prioritizes individual well-being and focuses on larger social and environmental concerns and needs. It is also about more than organic practices and produce. The trend embraces the delicate and critical interrelationship between humans and nature. As a result, consumers seek more natural, healthier – even healthful, and kinder options.
Emerging offerings include functional beverages to help consumers de-stress, sleep better, improve immunity, or add protein to their diet. Consumers are also excited about innovative and surprising taste pairings and sensations, including texturized beverages, and remain interested in low-calorie variants. Crucially, they also want to know that natural flavoring ingredients are pure, and sustainably, responsibly, and ethically sourced, respecting human and the planet’s rights.
Is There a Healthier Alternative?
So, is there a healthier alternative to sweetened sodas?
Unsweetened or flavored sparkling water is an option, as are hot beverages, and best for most – plain, natural water. Fruit juices can be substituted, although these are often also high in sugar content and not recommended without dilution. However, another innovative option emerging, and one sure to hit the thirst-quenching spot, is naturally flavored soda.
Discover Natural Soda
These increasingly sought-after sodas can be as tasty and refreshing as traditional sodas. Still, instead of using refined sugar, these natural options tend to rely on fruit extracts to provide flavor and sweetness.
Among the most popular flavors are apple, berry, and cherry, with citrus, including lime, lemon, and orange, also beloved. Grape soda is another favorite; now possible using natural flavor ingredients. In addition, more exotic fruits are also gaining in popularity, including melon and grapefruit.
Where the soda is a natural cola, flavor and sweetness are achieved by including pure, natural extracts, such as vanilla, octanal, and cinnamon. Other favorites, too, can be created naturally through pure natural flavoring ingredients, including cream soda and root beer. Flavor ingredients such as cassia, mint, clove, ginger, and anise help produce a more natural, healthier soda alternative.
Healthy Opportunities for Manufacturers
The use of natural Flavoring ingredients provides delicious and refreshing soda alternatives. In addition, it offers manufacturers the opportunity to provide pure sublime simplicity or experiment with flavor overlays to create more complex and unique flavor profiles.
To differentiate, soft drink and soda manufacturers will explore and look for natural flavor ingredients and molecules that are certified, safe, and pack a flavor punch. In response, Advanced Biotech presents a host of natural flavors and aromas comprising pure EU-certified molecules.
So, enhance your portfolio with healthier sodas without compromising taste or sensation. Order familiar favorites or new and exotic natural Flavoring ingredients and profiles from Advanced Biotech’s comprehensive range today, or contact us for more information.