Ice Cream Sandwiches On Point to be a Dessert Craze

A decade ago, nobody would ever have thought about the humble cupcake being a major culinary hit, much less being offered in so many incredible gourmet options. However, the cupcake cake craze changed the market for desserts in a big way, with everybody looking for as many unique offerings as possible.


The cupcake, while popular, is now taking a backseat to other incredible sweet, gourmet offerings. Donuts have reigned supreme in the gourmet dessert market for a little while now, and will likely continue their round of popularity for a little while yet. However, a surprising new trend is poised to come onto the scene over the next year or two – ice cream sandwiches.


The concept of “gourmet” and ice cream sandwiches may not seem to go together, especially if you’re thinking of the standard grocery freezer treat. While there are a handful of options available right now, smart flavorists are already looking at the many incredible flavor opportunities available to them as they create new, delicious ice cream masterpieces.


One example of a great, delicious ice cream sandwich treat is one restaurant’s lemon and blueberry ice cream sandwiches, which makes use of lemon custard ice cream and blueberry swirled “biscuits” to build the sandwich. Flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Citrus Enhancer and Natural Citronellal can be used to create the delicious, lemony flavor of this treat.


With this particular part of the frozen dessert market really just beginning to expand, there is plenty of room to get creative. It’s likely that a lot of the trends already seen with options like cupcakes and donuts will continue, such as the use of bacon and maple to create unusual, sweet-and-savory concoctions. However, the nature of frozen desserts and ice cream also mean that there are plenty of new possibilities to explore as well.