Harnessing the Fresh and Fragrant Properties of Mint

Mint has always been a popular fragrance and flavor choice, but it seems that there has been a boom in the use of this ingredient over the past several years. Mint has hit the marketplace in a big way, now appearing in everything from confectionery treats to sensual and refreshing scented candles. Mint has long been used due to its restorative properties and its abilities to keep foods fresh, and this is precisely the reason that it is such a common product for use in flavors and fragrances of all kinds.


There are, of course, a number of traditional uses for mint. Mint is a delicious component of confectionery treats, and is especially delightful when paired with milk chocolate and dark chocolate. For this reason, mint is especially popular in the chocolate industry, where it can be used in everything from chocolate bars to cocoa and fudge. Crème de menthe is commonly used as a filling for chocolates as well, and can provide a fresh and crisp bite compared to the rich and savory flavor of chocolate.


Another traditional use for mint is among rum and liquor distilleries. Mint juleps are an iconic summertime drink, and while fresh mint is generally used for this beverage, there are a number of distilled alcoholic beverages that can be flavored with mint as well. With the market for flavored vodkas growing at a rapid pace, and with a consumer base that is consistently looking for delicious flavored vodkas to create new and unique mixed drinks, it is no surprise that mint flavored vodkas are increasing in popularity. In these types of vodkas, mint is also commonly mixed with other flavor ingredients to create flavors such as mint chocolate chip.


And speaking of mint chocolate chip, it would be impossible to discuss the many uses of mint flavoring without thinking about the he baked goods industry. Mint is found in one of two ways to create delicious baked treats. As with chocolates, mint can be used to create a delicious cream filling, or it can be incorporated directly into the baked good for a delicious and fresh flavor that can provide an incredible amount of depth to a product.


While mint is commonly used to create delicious flavor in food products, it is also commonly used to flavor different types of medicine. Mint is particularly soothing for upset stomachs, and is often used to create antacids and similar types of products. It is also frequently used in flavored cough syrups to help sooth sore throats and mouths. The incredible aroma of mint can also be used in medicines; in strong enough doses, it makes for a product that can easily help clear congestion.


When it comes to the fragrance of mint, there is no surprise that it can be found virtually everywhere, from perfume to scented candles. Mint is often mixed with other fresh aromas such as lemon, and it can also be used with vanilla, cocoa scents, and many others to create delicious custom scents. This is one of the most versatile ingredients on the market, and its increasing popularity only means that there are more uses for it than ever.