Fruit Spreads Go Natural

Word is spreading that consumers are avoiding artificial ingredients and are looking for all-natural ingredients in their fruit spreads. Whether they like sweet or savory spreads, people will give up the longer shelf life of a product for clean food. Brands, in turn, are eliminating the artificial ingredients in favor of more natural, pure recipes.


Combining Flavors


There are the tried and true fruits that continue to remain popular in all categories of food and spreads but combining them with a myriad of other flavors is keeping consumers interested. Lemon pairs well with raspberry and strawberry, as well as blueberry, pineapple, or fresh mint. Lime, on the other hand, couples well with watermelon, fresh mint, and coconut. Millennials and Gen Xers are inclined to try new flavor combinations, making it easier to keep them interested.


Spread the Benefits


There is no question that consumers love functional ingredients and will continue reaching for products that are good for them. When brands help meet specific dietary needs or perceived nutritional needs, people will feel good about their choice. Ingredients that include probiotics, electrolytes, and collagen are sure to catch their eye. Blueberries may be an age-old favorite but knowing that they boost immunity and possibly reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease makes them more popular than ever in spreads. As good as it tastes, consumers may be keener to reach for Almond Vanilla Nut Butter, knowing that it contains two billion probiotics. Maple syrup with grass-fed collagen will pique the interest of consumers wanting to forestall the effects of aging.


Vegan Appeal


Fruit spreads are inherently vegan, but brands can leverage consumer’s sensitivity around animal welfare by removing all animal-derived ingredients and packaging them. Sweet and savory spreads that appeal to vegans replace buttermilk and cream with almond milk. Plum jam and mango chutney are a favorite for vegan diets, and when coupled with lime, it creates a delicious sweet and sour taste.


Novel Ingredients


The younger generation is especially open to unexpected combinations. Coffee spreads made with coffee beans have popped up as a new butter for toast. The spread offers an imaginative flavor where it is least expected. Satsuma Syrup with lemon juice and cane sugar is a new product that only includes those three ingredients. Grabbing the unusual combinations off the grocery shelf is a productive way to keep Millennials and Gen Xers engaged with new products.


Fruit spreads offer the consumers easy and fun ways to try new and innovative taste combinations. It is the natural antidote to the curious shopper looking for something new to try.