Fermented Flavors Rule the Market

Fermented flavors are traditional in many types of cuisine, as well as across the board in the beverage market, but until recent years these favorites have largely been left alone when it comes to changing up their flavors. That’s definitely not the case anymore – not only are new varieties of fermented food and products (such as beer) being made available, but fermented foods are being used as flavor in a number of different products.


Kimchi is a staple in Korean cuisine, and the popularity of Asian foods in the Western market means that it’s more popular than ever before. However, you don’t have to eat just kimchi to get the great taste of kimchi flavor in your shopping cart. Kimchi chips are just one example of the many ways in which fermented flavors can be enjoyed. There are various flavor ingredients that can be used to recreate this flavor, including natural Green Complex for cucumber-created kimchi.


That’s likewise true of sauerkraut flavors. This flavor may not be popular in and of itself, but it’s traditional in many different types of dishes, and is showing up more and more often as a component of a surprising number of products, ranging from snack chips to muffins. Natural Dimethyl Sulfide 5% Ethyl Acetate is one example of an ingredient that can be used to create the cabbage flavor of sauerkraut for the flavor market, and of course the sour, acidic flavor of vinegar can also be added to any recreation of fermented flavors through the use of natural Acetic Acid. There are plenty of options, and while they may be surprising in many cases they can also be quite delicious. As this trend continues to grow, it’s well worth looking into the creation of these unusually delicious goods.