Enhancing Tea with Essential Oils

It isn’t breaking news that tea is a superfood that many believe heals all sorts of ailments, from stress to digestion and obesity. The Chinese drank tea as much as 5,000 years ago and held it in high regard for many medicinal uses. Today’s consumers continue to reach for a cup of calm, although they have a more sophisticated palette than decades past. As plant-based products continue to promote health benefits, it is no wonder that tea’s popularity shows a significant resurgence for health-minded people.


Essential oils combined with tea show traction because their active ingredients, terpenes and terpenoids, provide a way to increase well being. Brands will be looking to various combinations of essential oils that pair well with multiple teas.




The most popular tea in the western hemisphere over the last 100 years is Earl Grey. Bergamot pairs exceptionally well with Earl Grey due to its sweet and fresh citrus taste. The oil is tasty and appears to have a brightening effect on the tea drinker’s mood. People turn to bergamot when they feel the blues or suffer from depression or anxiety disorders. Easing mental stress while enjoying its flavor and aroma provides is an easy way for brands to reach consumers during trying times.




Consumers enjoy almost any tea with a slice of lemon, and so it is no wonder that this citrus-flavored oil works well in bringing out the tea’s flavor. It has cleansing properties that help dieters. It flushes out toxins and supports the circulatory system. Its exceptional taste encourages those who want to lose weight to reach for tea with a drop of lemon oil instead of a less healthful alternative.




Peppermint oil offers an energy boost when feeling tired, and it is also helpful with digestive issues. The pleasant taste pairs well with many teas such as oolong, earl grey, or chocolate teas. Due to its strong flavor, it’s important not to overdo the amount added. Consumers with nausea or acid reflux would benefit from regular consumption of peppermint.


Spicy Oils


For heartier tea drinkers, spicy oils offer a kick while also offering health benefits. Clove oil has a pungent aroma and has exceptional antioxidant qualities. Ginger will comfort and balance the digestive system, and thieves oil, a combination of lemon, clove, eucalyptus, radiata, cinnamon bark, and rosemary, supports the immune system.


Brands have a world of oils available to reach consumers anxious to improve their well being.