Essential Ingredients for Creating Flavorful Juices

Children and adults, foodies and health food addicts alike all enjoy the rich and flavorful tastes of juice. Though it has always held firm in the beverages market, juice has seen increased popularity over the past several years as people look to juices for flavor and refreshment that comes with the added bonus of being a great source for many different vitamins and nutrients. The number of juice products on the market has always been large, and the product lines of companies both large and small have expanded even further over the past several years.


Even “fresh squeezed” juices can do with the addition of flavor ingredients in order to enrich them and to give them an even better taste. Orange, apple, and grape juices all lose at least some of their flavor during the storage, freezing, and shipping process. Just a little boost from a natural extract from one of these fruits is generally enough to give it the boost it needs to taste great. Using natural fruit extracts can also help to grant a product a longer shelf life.


It is not only fruit juices that can benefit from the addition of natural flavor ingredients, though. Vegetables juices are rising in popularity, and can be benefited from the addition of flavor ingredients such as carrot, cucumber, tomato, and much more. Another rising trend in the juice market is vegetable and fruit juice combinations that taste just as sweet as the typical fruit juice mixes found on grocery store shelves, but that contain important vitamins and nutrients from vegetable sources. These products can be made sweeter and more flavorful with the addition of flavor ingredients, an as a bonus will not have added calories or sugars – something that is incredibly important as consumers look to these products to help meet their dietary needs.


Flavor ingredients are also important in the creation of a number of different fruit juice blends. From tropical blends to berry blends and basics such as fruit punch, cherry limeade, and much more, flavor ingredients are vital in the creation of products that have a great, consistent taste.


Those in the beverages and juice industry are experiencing a great period of growth at present as buyers look for unique flavors. Using ingredients to harness these flavors is a great way to meet this customer demand. Surprising new options in the juice industry include coconut, mango, and other tropical flavors as well as revitalized classics such as pomegranate. The juice market has even expanded to include prepackaged smoothies, which means that other flavors such as vanilla, and even cocoa can now be incorporated into these beverages.


It is important for any producer of juices to look at all their options and to consider the different ways that they can expand within industry. While consumers love the classics, they also enjoy new products and flavors, so there is plenty of room to explore. It is difficult to say what the next big trend will be, but it is likely that continued innovation will be the driving force behind it.