Creating Unique Flavors for Yogurt Products

Ice cream, gelato, and sherbet have always ruled the dairy market when it comes to sweet dairy treats, but now there is a new contender for the title of top dairy product. Flavored yogurts are taking over the market in a big way, and where a decade ago only a few different flavors might have been available, there are now an incredible number of flavors for consumers to choose from. From traditional styles of yogurt such as Greek yogurt, to yogurt products made and designed specifically for kids, to frozen yogurts, the number of these products only continues to grow.


Fruit extracts can be used to great effect when enhancing fruit flavored yogurts. Yogurt that contains whole fruit can use fruit extracts to enhance the flavor of the fruit, while blended yogurts can be custom created using these flavor ingredients. Another common addition is honey flavor, which can either be used alone for a subtle but sweet flavor or in combination with other flavor ingredients.


Custom flavor creation teams can also make uncommon flavors such as carrot cake, chocolate cream pie, and even cake batter. A number of different flavor ingredients can be used throughout this process, from bready flavor ingredients to almond flavor, caramel, cinnamon, and much more. Even unexpected products such as cheesy flavor ingredients can be used to create flavors such as cheesecake.


The market for frozen yogurt flavors is, if anything, even broader than the market for soft yogurt flavors. Frozen yogurt tends to mirror the market for ice cream, the difference being that frozen yogurt is more popular a soft serve food – making the right flavor ingredients even more important in their creation than those for ice cream, in some cases. Advanced Biotech has many natural ingredients that create these milky and creamy flavors, such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Butyl Lactate, Natural Dairy Complex, and Natural Vanillin Acetate.


Yogurt will likely continue to increase in popularity, and fans of this dairy treat are always on the lookout for new, innovative flavors when it comes to this great product.