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Creating Great Flavors for Nutritional Drinks

For many people, the concept of nutritional drinks – whether it is designed to supplement a low-calorie diet or to enhance one’s protein intake – doesn’t inspire the senses. However, that could soon change, as many great new products are being designed and hitting the market. Creating nutritional drinks that are able to meet their purpose (whatever that purpose may be) that also manage to taste great can be a challenge. The basic ingredients of these products can be chalky, bitter, or even metallic, depending on what’s included in the product.


That’s why it’s up to flavorists to look for ways to make these products taste great. The use of basic flavor ingredients such as natural Delta Decalactone EEC, natural butyl lactate, and natural dairy complex – all available from Advanced Biotech’s line of great, all-natural flavor ingredients – can be a great place to start. These products help to create a creamy base that masks the chalkiness of the functional ingredients, and that flavorists can add to in order to create delicious “shakes.”


The two most popular flavors when it comes to the creation of this type of product are, not surprisingly, chocolate and vanilla. Natural Choclatone and natural Vanilla Extract are two flavor ingredients that can be used to instantly create a delicious, functional chocolate or vanilla protein shake, weight loss shake, or nutritional supplement.


However, one thing to keep in mind with the creation of these types of products is that in most cases they are consumed on a daily basis – or even multiple times a day. Being able to create a variety of flavors that are easy to mix and that taste great are an important part of flavor creation when working in this industry. Increasing popular alternatives include toasted almond flavor, turmeric flavor (produced through ingredients such as natural Turmeric Extract Powder) and even flavors such as matcha. As more people consume nutritional drinks and shakes like these in order to boost their health, there will be more call than ever for flavorists to create products that serve their purpose and still manage to taste great.