Bright Flavors in Bakery

Many of the newer flavors in the marketplace are making their way into bakery categories, including global inspirations, cheeses, brightly-flavored colors, and nuanced indulgences. Bakery products comprise a wide range of treats including cakes, cookies, scones, muffins, breads, rolls, tortillas, biscuits, and more. Within this category, there are endless ways to incorporate the latest flavor trends.


Manufacturers are having fun combining unexpected ingredients, such as cocktail-flavored cookies. Think: the crispy, chewy texture of a warm cookie infused with the taste of a classic Bourbon-based cocktail. A product like this is easy to create with an extract such as our Vanilla Extract 10x Bourbon. Another example of this might be the cold brew coffee brownie. Chocolate and coffee are perfect partners on a dessert plate, using an espresso coffee distillate and a chocolate extract natural to bring out these bold notes in an irresistibly gooey and sweet brownie.


Another trend involves the use of brightly-colored vegetables to provide a boost in taste and a bold hue to a variety of baked goods. Veggies such as beetroot, carrot, spinach, and parsnip can lend beautiful colors to bread, crackers, wraps, and more. It’s easy for flavorists to bring out the natural aromas of these ingredients with products such as carrot extract natural.


Low-carb products continue to be popular among the health-conscious and those who seek to increase their consumption of proteins and vegetables. In response, bread producers are increasingly focusing on positive nutrition with more naturally low-carb offerings. Cauliflower-crust pizza is an excellent example of a new favorite among low-carbers and those who eschew gluten. These delicious alternatives to traditional carbs can achieve their full taste potential with flavors such as walnut furanone, almond distillate, and banana extract – ingredients that naturally complement breads and other savory or sweet baked goods.


Ever popular with food lovers – and, increasingly, in the mainstream – are ethnic flavors of the world, and these have begun popping up in bakeries throughout the country. From coconut and pepper tortillas (perfect for Jamaican jerk tacos) to flatbreads bursting with the North African flavors of apricots, sweet raisins, and spices to the chocolate-filled pretzels so popular in South Korea, there’s an ethnic taste for every palate.


Finally, there’s always a place for cheese – especially in bakeries. Cheese is a dynamic food that has a dramatic impact on the taste profiles of baked goods. Cheese-flavored breads, tortillas, biscuits, and scones are always a hit, but cheese isn’t just savory – cream cheese and mascarpone are right at home in plenty of sweet baked treats, as well.


Baked goods encompass such a broad and fun category of products that there’s no end to the possibilities when it comes to creating new and irresistible products. Our flavor extracts can help you incorporate the tastes you want in a convenient, cost-effective way.