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Indian Flavors Experience Growth

Lately, consumers have two common goals when it comes to their food choices: improving their health and keeping things interesting. As such, they have been discovering more of the food combinations and dishes native to the various regions of India, seeking authentic flavor experiences and learning more about Ayurveda. Indian dishes and products are becoming […]

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Japanese Flavor Influence

In excited anticipation of the 2020 Olympics, US tourism to Japan is increasing along with a focus on that country in general – including its cuisine. While ramen, sushi, and matcha have been widely embraced across the US, interest in Japanese cuisine is now growing extensively. People are finding more and more Japanese dishes on […]

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Consumers Still Have a Love Affair With Bacon

Put it on a burger or serve it with eggs, it’s National Bacon Day. If it seems to you like there’s bacon everywhere you turn, you aren’t imagining it. No longer limited to breakfast menus, bacon is now easily found on fast-food menus across the country, and its flavor appears in everything from mayonnaise to […]

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Healthy Diet Trends 2020

The food industry today looks a lot different than the one of yesteryear. Fast-casual (not to be confused with fast food) is huge. A tap of your iPhone will conjure your next meal. Even McDonald’s is trying to keep up, going as far as to consider incorporating kale into their menu. Here’s a closer look […]

sparkling wine flavors
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Sparkling Wine Trends Summer 2019

Sparkling wine is largely popular year-round, but summertime is an especially successful season for this light, bubbly beverage. Recipes featuring their wines, partnerships with summer events, and unique bottles all point to the extra attention producers give their products during the hotter months. Although December is the biggest month for sparkling wine as people celebrate […]

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Exotic Citrus Flavors Reign This Summer

Warm weather is here, and with it, a new wave of summer flavors. When it comes to summertime, citrus flavors are always in high demand and come in more varieties than any other category of fruit. Orange, lemon, and lime are classic favorites that we expect to remain top picks – but this year, we’re […]

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At Home Cooking Flavors

The increasing popularity of food delivery services has consumers  looking to take a leaf out of the pros’ book and add some seriously savory flavors to their at-home menus! Here’s a quick peek at some of the not-so-secret ingredients we’re seeing on the shelves from professional chefs.   Sriracha   Sriracha has recently become the […]

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Boozy Milkshakes and Float Gain Momentum

August 6th is National Root Beer Float day, which makes it a great time to celebrate the timeless wonder that is the classic root beer float. However, we also think it’s a great time to experiment with variations on this traditional treat to please the palates of today’s culinary adventurous consumer.   First (and arguably […]

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Dessert Trends Consumers Love

When it comes to dessert, consumers, foodservice operators, and flavorists will find a virtual playground of new concepts and flavors to enjoy and experiment with this year.   Clean, natural ingredients   Consumers are widely turning to healthier, cleaner ingredients across the board–and that includes the taste profiles that they crave in their desserts. The […]

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Hot Dog Trends

Who doesn’t love hot dogs? They’re ubiquitous at summer barbecues, nostalgic, and delicious, so it’s no wonder that today’s consumer is applying their adventurous palate and seeking new twists on this classic favorite. Whether a hot dog is a sandwich or not (let’s not start that debate), one thing is for sure–it’s a favorite that‘s […]