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Boozy Milkshakes and Float Gain Momentum

August 6th is National Root Beer Float day, which makes it a great time to celebrate the timeless wonder that is the classic root beer float. However, we also think it’s a great time to experiment with variations on this traditional treat to please the palates of today’s culinary adventurous consumer.   First (and arguably […]

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Dessert Trends Consumers Love

When it comes to dessert, consumers, foodservice operators, and flavorists will find a virtual playground of new concepts and flavors to enjoy and experiment with this year.   Clean, natural ingredients   Consumers are widely turning to healthier, cleaner ingredients across the board–and that includes the taste profiles that they crave in their desserts. The […]

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Hot Dog Trends

Who doesn’t love hot dogs? They’re ubiquitous at summer barbecues, nostalgic, and delicious, so it’s no wonder that today’s consumer is applying their adventurous palate and seeking new twists on this classic favorite. Whether a hot dog is a sandwich or not (let’s not start that debate), one thing is for sure–it’s a favorite that‘s […]

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Creative Ice Cream Flavors

There’s no time like summertime to dig into new ice cream flavors, and 2019’s summer season is no exception. As is the case with everything in the world of food, the ice cream industry has been permanently changed by the rapidly-developing American palate. Two decades ago, a trip down the ice cream aisle in your […]

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Rhubarb Flavor Trends

One surprising element that often makes an appearance on seasonally-themed menus during this time of year is rhubarb. Whether served in a savory offering or as an ingredient in a dessert, the flavor of rhubarb, available through Advanced Biotech’s natural Ethyl Levulinate, has been gaining attention in bakery circles and elsewhere in the food industry–and […]

flavored water trends
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Flavored Water Trends

It can be particularly tricky to predict trends in the beverage industry. One thing is for sure, though, consumers are educating themselves more and becoming more careful about what they drink. That means that some ingredients, such as sugar, are on their way out, while others – especially natural, functional ingredients – are on their […]

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Cocktail Flavors Consumers Are Loving This Summer

While cocktails are always warmly received, they’re never more popular than during the hot summer months. The last several years have seen many cocktail trends arise as new drinks burst onto the scene, including boozy slushies, citrusy spritzes, and more. Seasonal cocktails have become so prevalent that we can’t help but get excited about what […]

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Refreshing Summer Flavor Trends

When it comes to hosting a summer get-together, the flavor focus is on the cool, the refreshing, and often, the fruity. Consumers are upping their hosting game all the time with incredible flavors in their menus, including the food and the cocktails.   One of the biggest flavors of summer 2019 is watermelon. Watermelon, was pretty […]

barbecue flavors
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Barbecue Flavors Explored

Independence Day is just around the corner, which means that people all over the country will be celebrating the birth of our nation with fireworks, fun, and most of all, food. Many people have the day off work and are ready for a relaxing summer day filled with the tempting aromas of charred meats and […]

Orange blossom
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Orange Blossom Blooms

Orange blossoms are used around the world in culinary dishes, beverages, and dessert to impart a delicate citrus flavor. In food and beverages such as teas, the orange blossom is subtly aromatic. It is a little more nuanced and lighter than the aroma of orange extract, making it perfect for a range of treats from […]