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Extracts For Flavored Water

Water is the simplest of beverages – at least, that used to be the case. Now more people than ever are looking or unique ways to drink their water, whether it is in a sparkling form or it has been enhanced by natural vitamins and minerals.   Flavored waters can be created and recreated with […]

essential oils
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Using Essential Oils in Aromatherapy

The market for aromatherapy is booming and is reaching numerous different industries. Beyond the massage clinic, aromatherapy has also reached into people’s homes. Products ranging from soaps, lotions, shampoos and other cosmetics to air fresheners and home cleaning products are all making use of scent as a way of altering people’s perceptions to help them […]

flavored oils
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Creating Delicious Flavored Oils

Traditionally, flavored oils are created in a kitchen through the long-term exposure of natural herbs with high-quality oils. However, not every buyer has the time, finances, or luxury to go for these high-end flavored oils for their kitchens. This is where flavorists can step in to create delicious products that will help them to create […]

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The Power of Great Flavor Combinations

The flavor industry has undergone several changes over the past decade. More than ever, people are favoring unique blends and new flavors, giving flavorists more room than ever to explore different delicious treats and creations. There are a number of different flavor ingredients for flavor companies to choose from when creating these flavor combinations, which […]

frozen yogurt
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The Creation of Gourmet Frozen Yogurt Flavors

Frozen yogurt is an incredible treat year-round, and has increased in popularity both in yogurt shops, restaurants, and in grocery store freezers. In both soft serve and traditional forms, frozen yogurt offers a number of benefits of traditional ice creams, with a slightly tart flavor and a healthier fat content that gives it a lot […]

fruit flavors
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Our Favorite “Alternative” Fruit Flavors

Everybody knows the most popular fruit flavors – apple, orange, lemon, lime, and cherry, just to name a few examples. But in the modern day flavor market, a lot of these popular fruit flavors are taking a backseat to their alternatives, which can provide a unique and flavorful twist on these classics. These alternative fruit […]

Regional flavors
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Predicting the Next Big Regional Flavor Trends

Some food and beverage trends are marked by the prominence of certain flavors, such as peach, or by herbal flavors, such as cilantro, both of which are currently seeing some of the biggest growth in the flavor industry. Other trends are marked by combinations of classic flavors, such as dark chocolate and chili peppers, or […]

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The Many Varieties of Berry Flavor and Fragrance

Berry is one of the most popular flavors and fragrance, and there are an incredible number of areas in the flavor and fragrance industries that utilize berry in their production. However, the popularity of berry as a flavor or fragrance ingredient also means that it is crucial for flavorists and perfumists to get the variety […]

gourmet tea
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Gourmet Tea Rising in Popularity

Tea has been one of the most popular beverages around the world for centuries, with various regions developing their own flavorful concoctions. At present, gourmet tea is seeing a rise in popularity as consumers drink this beverage in increasing numbers, in both hot and cold varieties. One of the biggest benefits with gourmet tea is […]