Dehydrated fruits
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Enhancing the Flavors of Dehydrated Fruits

Dried and dehydrated fruits are quickly becoming one of the hottest snack options for everyone from children to adults. They can be found either on their own, mixed with other fruits, or used as an addition to snack mixes, cereals, and other similar types of products. In addition, dried and dehydrated fruits are a common […]

natural sodas
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Flavor Ingredients for Natural Sodas

Sodas are great, refreshing, and delicious beverages, but for many they are becoming a treat that they only indulge in once-in-a-while. With the rising popularity of healthy food and beverage items, this is no surprise – nor is it a surprise that more people than ever are turning their attentions toward natural sodas in order […]

hard candies
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Flavoring Hard Candies

Hard candies are a staple in the confectionery industry, and they come in many different forms. Their popularity has led them to be invented and reinvented many times over, each time with a fun new twist. Both children and adults love these sweet treats, no matter what flavors they come in – and they come […]

breakfast tarts
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Designing Flavors for Breakfast Tarts

Packaged breakfast tarts began as a quick and easy answer to the goods one might find at a bakery, but quickly evolved into a type of product all its own. Whether consumed as part of breakfast or as a dessert all their own, breakfast tarts are delicious and come in numerous different delicious varieties that […]

healthy kid friendly beverages
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Creating Healthy, Kid-Friendly Beverages

Kids don’t always know (or want) what’s best for them, but it’s a parent’s responsibility to ensure that their kids are getting the healthiest food and beverage options possible in order to grow up happy, healthy, and strong. That’s why it’s important to be able to create beverage options for kids that are as healthy […]

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Savory Flavors for Crackers

Crackers are notorious for being a little bit bland, but that all seems to have changed in the past few years. While plain white crackers are still available (and are perfect for dipping into delicious, savory soups), when it comes to snack crackers people are looking for a much more rewarding flavor experience. It is […]

pasta sauce
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Specialty Pasta Sauce Flavors

Pasta sauce options were pretty limited in years past. The majority of options featured variations of the same standard Marinara – options such as with meat, without meat, with mushrooms, and the like didn’t leave shoppers with that difficult of a choice in the grocery store aisle. However, that has changed, and the number of […]

spicy foods
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The Rising Popularity of Hot and Spicy Foods

Hot and spicy foods have always been a favorite among buyers, but more foods than ever before are being formulated with delicious spicy notes that make them especially appealing for buyers. This is true with foods ranging from the essentials – meats, pasta sauces, and frozen goods – to numerous different snack food products such […]

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The Ins and Outs of Cake and “Cake Batter” Flavors

While fresh, all-natural flavors are becoming more prominent than ever in the flavor industry, custom flavors that replicate classic desserts are also on the rise. Among the most popular is cake and cake batter flavor, which can be seen in an increasing number of confectionary and dessert items throughout the flavor industry. Cake and cake […]

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The Refreshing Taste and Fragrance of Apples

When it comes to fruit, there are few that have become as important to people as the humble apple. The apple is known around the world, it is available in over seven thousand varieties, and it is a delicious component in many of the world’s most popular desserts and beverages. It is for that latter […]