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Bright Flavors in Bakery

Many of the newer flavors in the marketplace are making their way into bakery categories, including global inspirations, cheeses, brightly-flavored colors, and nuanced indulgences. Bakery products comprise a wide range of treats including cakes, cookies, scones, muffins, breads, rolls, tortillas, biscuits, and more. Within this category, there are endless ways to incorporate the latest flavor […]

Orange Wine
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The Exciting New World of Orange Wines

If you’re looking to add something new and extraordinary to your product lineup, it may be time to take a closer look at orange wine, a relative newcomer on the wine scene and one that’s making a big splash. Orange wine is a bit of a misnomer; it is not made with oranges, nor it […]

popularity of lamb
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The Growing Popularity of Lamb

When it comes to food, tastes and trends are always evolving, and one of the more recent trends to emerge is lamb. As food itself becomes a social activity and educational avenue, and people become more discerning about what they cook at home as well as what they eat in restaurants, lamb’s share of the […]

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Exotic Tea Flavors and Aromas

Customers know what they want; it is up to those in the flavors and fragrances industry to give it to them. Usually, trends are easy to keep up with, but the latest advancements in technology, as well as in customer tastes, are keeping flavor and fragrance industry experts on their toes. The rising popularity of […]

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Experimenting With Chickpeas

Regardless of the type of cuisine, chickpeas are a culinary staple that can be flavored in any of a number of different ways. Ready-made, canned beans come with many different types of recipes, and any of a number of flavor ingredients can be used in the creation of delicious new products. From those formulated using […]

flavored water
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A New Range of Flavors For Flavored Water

Flavored water isn’t exactly anything new as far as the market is concerned. However, the way that they are marketed and the way that their flavors are formulated has made them very different from the earliest drink mixes to hit the marketplace. The first flavored water product often utilized flavor ingredients that created distinct but […]

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Flavoring Healthy Snacks For Kids

It’s no secret, the growing “millennial mindset” has consumers in large searching for bolder flavors. The shift is continuing in the snack industry, particularly when it comes to innovative products to expand options for the littlest eaters. The focus on healthy snacks for kids continues to emerge and with it the possibilities for flavorists to […]

floral flavors
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The Rising Popularity of Floral and Botanical Flavors

The natural appeal and exotic notes of floral and botanicals are not going unnoticed. Product launches from biscuits to yogurts, drinks to snacks are being released at an increasing rate. According to Innova Market Insights, products featuring floral flavors have increased 132% between 2015 and 2017.   RTD products such as meal replacements are a […]

marinated cheese flavor
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Flavoring Marinated Cheese

More than a gorgeous decorative addition to consumers cheese plates, marinated cheese offers freshness that delights even the pickiest eater. From feta cheese to goat cheese and beyond, marinated cheese is known for being rich and full of flavor. Not surprisingly, there are an incredible number of flavor ingredients that are appropriate for making combinations that […]

floral applications
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Innovation in Floral Applications

You can’t go wrong with pretty colors and romantic, floral flavors. For this very reason, floral flavors continue to have widespread appeal. Rose, lavender, hibiscus and orange blossom continue to be the leading choices and are expected to continue to gain traction and visibility this year. Their exotic notes and natural appeal make them a […]