passion fruit
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The Uses for Exotic Passion Fruit Flavor

The popularity of flavors such as lemon and passion fruit have increased according to Mintel and the two are some of the top growing flavors to watch for according to Mintel Menu Insights. From house-made vinegars from fruits to desserts passion fruit is finding its way into some of our favorite categories. In 2019, we […]

flavored milk products
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Flavored Milk Products Increasing in Popularity

Flavored milk products have always been popular, especially among younger children. However, just because flavored milk is meant for kids does not mean it cannot be enjoyed by adults, as well. This is something that the dairy and plant-based industries are realizing, and subsequently a range of flavored milk products outside of the standard flavors […]

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Ways to Utilize Lavender for Flavor

Flavorists and consumers alike are now more open to expanding their palette than ever before, which means its prime time for new flavors to rise. There is a wealth of new options available when it comes to exotic fruits, vegetables and even grains. However, one of the most wild and experimental flavors is already well […]

chocolate flavors
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Innovative Chocolate Flavors For a Growing Market

Consumers more than ever are desiring to try new things and the chocolate industry has taken note. Because of the growing market of buyers for chocolate products, there is also more demand for new and improved flavors. But what is it that people are really looking for?   The  demand for flavor inclusion has always dominated […]

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Popular Christmas Flavors

Flavor designers have plenty of good reasons to celebrate the upcoming holidays! From traditional favorites to delicious novelty items, there are many different ways to get into the spirit when creating fun and delightful holiday concoctions for customers. From flavored sweet treats to delicious, savory food items, the range of dishes that mark the Christmas […]

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Organic Flavoring Extracts – What’s Popular Now?

As consumers alter their diets for better health, going vegan and choosing organic have increased in popularity as dietary options. While many feel a moral calling to avoid animal products, others turn to veganism to correct health issues brought on by previous dietary choices. Some are looking for food options devoid of pesticides and other […]

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The Use of Cocoa and Chocolate Aroma in Products

Chocolate and cocoa are almost universally beloved as flavors, but that’s not the only aspect of these products that people crave. The aroma of chocolate and cocoa is just as important to people as its flavor, and is widely regarded as one of the world’s favorite flavors overall, tying with classics such as vanilla for […]

ginger flavor
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Ginger Flavor & Trends

Ginger is a classic flavor that has been used in a number of different applications, and in a number of different types of cuisine. It has several properties that make it incredibly appealing, especially considering the types of flavors that currently dominate the marketplace. Ginger has just enough spiciness to add appeal to various dishes […]

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Choosing Flavor Ingredients for Ramen

Since instant ramen became a college food staple, the ramen trend has exploded. Year over year, the popularity of ramen continues to increase as well as its variations.  Ramen broth can be made for noodles, meat, and veggies. From traditional salt flavored broths such as Shio, and old Shoyu to more experimental creations, there are […]