Vanilla has a rich and diverse history in a wide range of applications. It is perhaps the most widely used type of extract on the market, and can be found in products ranging from the foods and beverages industries to a range of fragrance and cosmetics applications. However, no two types of vanilla are exactly alike. This is a vital point for companies that are looking to include a vanilla extract in the flavor or fragrance profile of a product coming off their line, as these small variations between vanilla extracts can make a big difference in the overall outcome of their product.


Whether a company knows the exact type of vanilla extract that their production line needs or they are browsing their options, Advanced Biotech can help. Advanced Biotech offers one of the widest ranges of vanilla extracts on the market, and one of them could be the ideal solution for a business that is looking to find the right vanilla extract for their product line. Advanced Biotech uses only the best extraction methods to produce its vanilla extracts, keeping a close eye on details such as the ratio of vanilla to other ingredients, the amount of alcohol in an extract, and more. Advanced Biotech also offers different varieties of vanilla extract, such as Tahitian vanilla and Bourbon vanilla, so businesses can always find the exact type of vanilla extract needed.

Vanilla Extracts for the Baking Industry

Bakeries are among the largest consumers of vanilla extracts. Whether a bakery has a large-scale or a small-scale production, it is likely that they will need a large amount of vanilla on hand for their baked goods. In many cases, bakeries will also want to have many different types of vanilla on hand for different types of baking projects.


Whatever a bakery needs, and in whatever amounts of vanilla extract are needed, Advanced Biotech can help. From cupcakes to frostings and everything in between, Advanced Biotech’s quality vanillas can help ensure a delicious taste that will be able to stand up to even the most rigid quality control checks.

Vanilla Extracts for the Beverage Industry

Vanilla is as vital to the beverages company as it is to bakeries, and can be found in a number of beverages on the market today. Whether it is a secret ingredient in a cola, a vital component of a cream soda, or an additive to bring out a unique, one-of-a-kind flavor profile to an already popular drink, the vanilla extracts from Advanced Biotech can provide beverage companies with exactly what they need to create the best beverages on the market.


Vanilla extracts can also be a key component in the products of liquor and rum distilleries. It is important to keep in mind that special extracts may be needed in order to interact properly with these sensitive rums and liquors. Advanced Biotech is capable of providing any type of vanilla extract needed, no matter what solution an industry needs.

Vanilla Extracts for the Fragrance and Cosmetics Industries

The scent of vanilla has been cited as the most recognizable scent in the world. That means that it can be a great addition to a fragrance or a cosmetic. However, faux vanillas are easily noticeable and may produce exactly the wrong effect amongst buyers. Advanced Biotech’s range of vanillas includes many varieties that are perfect for different applications in the fragrance and cosmetics industry and – importantly for some companies – provides an all-natural solution that buyers will be sure to love.


No matter what industry one is in, if they are in need of flavors or fragrances of any kind it is likely that they will at some point need access to a high-quality, fragrance and flavor-rich vanilla. Contact Advanced Biotech for more information on the great vanilla extracts it has available, to see the full catalogue of options, or to place an order.

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Product NumberProduct NameFEMACASProduct SpecsSDS
6004VANILLA EXTRACT 3X UGANDA31058024-06-4
6020VANILLA EXTRACT 2X UGANDA31058024-06-4
6021VANILLA EXTRACT 1X UGANDA31058024-06-4
6029VANILLA EXTRACT 10X BOURBON31058024-06-4
6069VANILLA EXTRACT 20X NATURAL31068024-06-4