coffee trends
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Coffee Trends We’re Embracing This Year

The National Coffee Association (NCA), reported 63% of American adults drink coffee daily, a 6% percent increase from last year.  Coffee is America’s favorite beverage, and for good reason. A rise in interest with gourmet coffee varieties and an increase in consumption among younger consumers contribute to this growth. Appreciation of coffee quality is growing […]

functional beverages
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Trending Flavors in Functional Beverages

Consumers are increasingly drawn to the health benefits available through functional beverages. Although the “gut health” and “functional foods” phenomenon has impacted the all aspects of the menu — the beverage category holds the biggest opportunity for flavor innovation. This blends the beverage industry with vitamins and supplements, allowing nutrient dense ingredients such as kale […]

fragrance ingredients
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Choosing Fragrance Ingredients For 2019 Perfume Trends

It used to be that aromas that recreated the scents of popular foods, such as chocolate cake or banana nut bread, were novelty items largely confined to the kiddie shelves. Perhaps it’s a touch of nostalgia, or even just a temptation to try something new – regardless of the reason for this surprising trend, food-scented […]

japanese flavors
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Japanese Flavors Go Mainstream

Izakaya dining has become one of the hottest culinary trends in recent years. Featuring an array of delightful and flavorful Japanese finger foods, Japanese Izakaya has all the sophistication of Spanish tapas combined with a laid-back pub feel. Indeed, the word Izakaya translates to ‘tavern’ in English, which gives you a good idea of what […]

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Adult-ifying The Snack Market

A little sweet, a little salty and slightly spicy, alcohol-flavored chips are bringing to life several grown-up trends shaping the snack scene. As snacking is no longer the optional extra and becomes a definitive occasion, flavorists are infusing snacks with classic alcoholic beverages  for consumers increasingly in search for bold, strong flavors in everything from snack […]

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Lavender Flavor Trends 2019

Flavorists and consumers alike are now more open to expanding their palette than ever before, which means its prime time for new flavors to rise. The macro trend for this year continues to be a balance between flavors that consumers find familiar and comforting alongside flavors that satisfy their craving for a flavor adventure. There […]

cereal products
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Enhancing Cereal Products with Flavor Ingredients

Although products incorporating flavors that incite memories of childhood like cereal milk, s’mores, birthday cake, and cookie dough are popular in cereal products, cereal brands continue to be under pressure to reduce sugar content, meet the healthful breakfast needs of health-conscious consumers, all while providing great taste and meeting convenience needs. Cereal brands take notice […]

butterfly pea
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Butterfly Pea Spotlight

Highly recognizable for its natural blue hue and color changing properties, the butterfly pea flower is expected to be spotted all over the food and beverage sectors this year. Traditionally used in Asian cuisines, the earthy–woody flavored plant’s flavor profile can be described as being similar to unsweetened green tea.  High in oxidants and having […]

hot sauce
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Hot Sauce Recipes for a Variety of Uses

The numbers don’t lie. Consumer interest in hot and spicy ingredients continues to increase for the tenth year in a row, with more than 22,000 new products having been introduced last year. Hot sauce can be used in a number of different ways, and in many different kinds of cuisines. Though the standard type of […]

smotthie drinks
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Creating Incredible Smoothie Drinks

As consumers take on a more holistic view of health and wellness, the trends in the beverage industry continue to reflect that. Functional and plant based products are expected to drive the industry this year and for good reason. Smoothies can provide buyers and their families with everything that they need to eat healthy while […]