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Tea Drinkers Leaving Their Mark

Tea is one of the oldest drinks in the world. After coffee, it’s the second-favorite hot beverage, what can compare to a fresh brew? The origins of this brew lie so far back in the past that nobody can pin an exact date on it. Even by the time tea was introduced to the Western […]

fermented flavors
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Fermented Flavors Rule the Market

Fermented flavors are traditional in many types of cuisine, as well as across the board in the beverage market, but until recent years these favorites have largely been left alone when it comes to changing up their flavors. That’s definitely not the case anymore – not only are new varieties of fermented food and products […]

baked potato flavor
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Enhancing Products with Great Baked Potato Flavor

It might sound like a niche flavor ingredient, but there is an incredible range of uses for baked potato flavor in many different areas of the flavor industry. In fact, baked potato has long held firmly in the market due to the fact that it is a comforting, delicious flavor that a large number of […]

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Creative Cupcake Flavors

No dessert food options has received quite as much attention over the past few years as cupcakes. Whether they’re pre-made for grocery store shelves, prepared at bakeries, or mixes put together for buyers to make at home, there are an incredible number of delicious cupcake options available these days. And while traditionally dessert options have […]

energy drinks
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Top Flavor Ingredients for Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are unique when it comes to flavor ingredients. As opposed to most other flavored beverages, energy drinks utilize a number of different ingredients to create flavor profiles that make it difficult to discern the exact flavors that went into that product, but that has a taste which unmistakably belongs to that brand of […]

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Korean Flavors Trending in Sauces

Sauces and marinades have always offered an opportunity for creativity in flavor creation, and make it easy for buyers to quickly and easily create gourmet dishes right in their very own homes. With sauces and marinades, a buyer can simply prepare a meat or vegetable of their choosing – anything from beef to shrimp to […]

black garlic
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Using Black Garlic to Color Your Food

You won’t find black garlic at your average store but upon its discovery your first reaction may be, something’s gone wrong with those bulbs: the garlic should be thrown away before it affects the rest of the vegetables. In a way, you’re  correct, the garlic has gone bad, but the decay has happened under a […]

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Kombucha – Your Daily Cuppa Immortality

Ancient documents indicate that kombucha goes back as far as 221 BC. It was already known in Manchuria during the Qin Dynasty. The use of fermenting tea and sugar spread to nearby Japan and via the Silk Road to the rest of the world. In Western Europe, the application didn’t last, however. Only after World […]

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Delicious Fall Flavors for Cereals

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, and not surprisingly, there is an immense industry devoted to cereal products. Cereal is available in a range of different styles as well as different flavors, and there is always plenty for buyers to choose from no matter what it is that they are […]

apple flavor
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Using Apple to Create a Number of Different Flavors

How many different flavors can be created with one simple flavor? If that flavor is apple, there are likely many more than one would even expect. Apple is an incredible versatile flavor that comes in many different forms. Each different type of apple flavor ingredient available from Advanced Biotech offers its only unique qualities, and […]