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Delicious Spirits for Cocktails, Shots, and More

Anybody who’s been to a cocktail lounge lately knows that there are a thousand and one different flavors to choose from. Rivaling only the confectionary industry regarding creativity, there are numerous different ways to craft delicious flavors in spirits. From spirits for cocktails to mixers and spirits to be drunk independently, there’s no end to […]

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The Challenges of Creating Soy-Based Milk Products

Anybody who has taken a trip through the dairy aisle of his or her local supermarket in the past several years knows that traditional milk products have taken a backseat to their numerous vegan alternatives. Whether it is because they are looking to harness the health benefits of soy-based products such as soymilk, soy yogurt, […]

fruity beers
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A Look At Fruity Beers

Craft beer is a year-round favorite, but especially so once the weather begins to warm up, and the promise of backyard barbecues and beach vacations starts to chase the winter blues away. Each year brings with it a new take on craft beers, always with a focus on creating delicious, refreshing, sessionable beers for people […]

ice cream cakes
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Designing Flavors for Ice Cream Cakes

Though they are especially popular during the warmer months, ice cream cakes have quickly become an attractive alternative to regular cakes year-round. One of the most notable things about ice cream cakes is the fact that they are available in an incredibly wide range of flavors, from basic flavors to more complex flavors that replicate […]

natural soda
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Flavoring Natural Sodas

Natural flavor ingredients have been used in sodas since they first hit the market. However, a unique section of the soda industry is breaking off that uses nothing but natural flavor ingredients. Natural sodas are just one of many types of food products that have arisen as consumers become increasingly focused on great tasting foods […]

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Flavoring Creative Breakfast Smoothies

As more people learn about the health benefits of eating a vegan diet as well as the unpleasant conditions in many factory farms, veganism becomes increasingly popular. However, getting a healthy variety of foods including all the protein, vitamins, and minerals one needs can be challenging on a vegan diet. Smoothies make excellent breakfast foods […]

woody aroma
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Woody Fragrance Ingredients

The fragrance market may seem to be dominated by florals, but woody fragrances have just as large a part to play in the creation of many different types of aromas. In fact, in many ways woody fragrances can be said to be even more important than the traditional floral fragrances, primarily because woody fragrances often […]

fragrance industry
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Changes in the Fragrance Industry

Perfume and cologne have long dominated the fragrance industry, but current trends show that this might be changing. Consumers are increasingly turning away from perfumes and colognes and relying on other scented products such as lotions, body washes, and sprays to incorporate into their toiletry regime. This is true among both men and women, who […]

aroma branding
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Aroma Branding: What You Need For Custom Scent Creation

Those in the custom fragrances industry are seeing an increasing number of companies choose aroma branding as a way of making themselves stand out in their customer’s minds. Scientists have said in the past that scent is one of the biggest triggers for memory – if the aroma of a certain type of fragrance or […]

fruit flavors
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The Three Most Iconic Fruit Flavors

When it comes to the flavor industry, there are a number of trends that come and go. This is especially true in the case of fruits. What was popular one year might be out the next, especially when the flavor-of-the-year is a particularly exotic new flavor. In other cases, classic flavors may rise in popularity […]