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The Ins and Outs of Cake and “Cake Batter” Flavors

While fresh, all-natural flavors are becoming more prominent than ever in the flavor industry, custom flavors that replicate classic desserts are also on the rise. Among the most popular is cake and cake batter flavor, which can be seen in an increasing number of confectionary and dessert items throughout the flavor industry. Cake and cake […]

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The Refreshing Taste and Fragrance of Apples

When it comes to fruit, there are few that have become as important to people as the humble apple. The apple is known around the world, it is available in over seven thousand varieties, and it is a delicious component in many of the world’s most popular desserts and beverages. It is for that latter […]

baked goods
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Veggie Flavors in Baked Goods

People put a lot of focus on fruit flavors when it comes to the baked goods industry, but it seems like one of the next big trends might actually be great vegetable flavors in your favorite baked items. From delicious breads to muffins, pancakes, and much more, vegetables can provide a delicious and unique twist […]

burning wood
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The Unusual But Popular Scent of Burning Wood

The scent of burning wood is one of the most instantly recognizable fragrances. It has even been said that the natural scent of burning wood was the inspiration behind the creation of incense. However, the fragrance industry is only just discovering the ways in which they can use this fragrance to enhance a variety of […]

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Flavor Ingredients For Soups and Stews

Whether winter is around the corner or buyers are looking for a refreshing summertime treat, soups and stews are year-round one of the more popular food items produced by companies. Today more soups are available than ever, with custom flavor creation teams searching for inspiration for soups from around the world in order to create […]

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New Fall Flavor and Ingredient Trends

The flavors and ingredients that consumers expect change with the seasons, and as the summer winds down the first hints of fall often come from the flavors that hit store shelves and restaurants. Seasonal trends are important to the flavor industry, and each year a number of old favorites as well as new additions to […]

cheese flavor
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Cheese Flavor for a Range of Food Products

Artificial cheese flavor is used in a range of food products. Whether a company wants to produce a cheese flavored product that does not have to be refrigerated, they want a cheese powder to flavor a food, or they are searching for a cheese substitute for a dairy-free food option, there are many different flavor […]

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Increasing Condiment Flavor Options

What do you want on your burger? Your fries? Your sandwich? That used to be a pretty simple question to answer – in times past, your options were pretty much limited to ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard. Of course, there might have been a few alternatives available, like spicy mustard, but for the most part choosing […]

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Flavor Ingredients for Vodka

More companies than ever are producing a range of flavors, with custom flavor creation being the name of the game in many industries. Among those that have seen a flavor boom in recent years are flavored vodka, which can run the gamut when it comes to the flavor profiles used in their creation. There are […]