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Using Lemon Flavor Ingredients in a Variety of Foods

It goes without saying that lemon flavor is one of the most commonly used flavor ingredients on the market. Lemon can be used in virtually any style of cooking, whether a food company is using it to enhance the flavor of their savory dishes or to provide a zesty twist to their dessert product line. […]

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Nostalgic Treats and Childhood Classics

One of the most intriguing things about this generation of buyers is their love of nostalgia. One of the biggest ways in which this is true is in their love of the food and beverage items they might have had at snack time after school, or on a summer camping trip. Of course, it’s not […]

new pet food flavors
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Creating New Pet Food Flavors

While people have long been concerned with the flavors that they put into their foods, it is only in recent years that an increasing number of flavor companies have turned their sights on the pet food industry. However, the flavoring of pet foods can be important in creating healthy foods and treats for our furry […]

fresher fragrances for facial cleansers
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Fresher Fragrances for Facial Cleansers

There’s a lot to think about when creating fresher fragrances for personal care products, but those that are used on sensitive areas of the body such as the face require even more attention to the finer details. It’s important to note that there are many factors that should determine which fragrance ingredients can be used […]

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Fragrance Ingredients for Natural Bath and Body Products

People care about the products that they use on their hair and skin, now more so than ever. To meet the demands of customers who want to use only the best quality natural ingredients in their soaps, shampoos, body washes, and lotions, it is important to have access to only the best natural ingredients. As […]

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Crafting Cocktails with Absolutes

For the past several years, flavored alcoholic beverages have been increasing in demand. Everything from flavored beers and wines to vodka, gin, and mixers have exploded onto the market in a big way. And with customers craving novelty, one of the biggest ways to enjoy delicious flavors is with cocktails. Absolutes provide flavor designers with […]

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Creating Flavored Marshmallow Treats

Flavored marshmallows can be a great treat, whether they’re enjoyed on their own or used to make other food products. Flavored marshmallows can be a wonderful addition to s’mores and puffed rice treats and can be enjoyed in hot cocoa as well. There are many incredible options — and with the variety of ways that […]

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What are Kids’ Favorite Candy Flavors?

Flavor trends in the confectionery industry are always changing when it comes to the adult market. However, kids’ favorite candy flavors tend to be surprisingly universal, whether the candy in question is an all-natural treat, a gummy concoction, a chewy treat like taffy, or a sweet novelty candy item such as powder or syrup. Even […]

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Creating Candy Flavors for Foreign Markets

Confectionary products for the American domestic market can be pretty wide-ranging in terms of what’s available, especially when novelty products are taken into consideration. However, when products are being produced for foreign markets, the realm of what’s possible – that is, what people will buy – goes through the roof. As different as flavors can […]

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Exploring Flavors for Frozen Potato Products

From regular French fries to tater tots, hash browns, seasoned fries and more, there are various different frozen potato options in grocery store freezers. While regular French fries may have been the most popular option for years, there are now numerous options available with many more being made available by the year. Numerous different types […]