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Bath and Body Aromas for Kids and Teens

Creating fragrances for adults is a complex art that requires a vast amount of experience as well as a good understanding of the psychology of fragrance. So why should it be any different when it comes to the perfumes, colognes, and other aromas that are created for children and teens? There are many horror stories […]

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The Best Uses For Bacon Flavor

For the past couple of years, bacon has been getting much buzz, and it is not all that difficult to see why. Bacon flavor is one of the most popular flavors of the moment, appearing in all the expected places – in the creation of flavors for pasta sauces, for example – as well as […]

ice cream flavors
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Flavor Ingredients for Ice Cream

In the past, the main flavors of ice cream were chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. But now a wide range of incredible new ice cream flavors are available for anybody who wants to test their sweet tooth. It is important for the flavor creation team of any ice cream manufacturer to have access to a wide […]

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Best New Vegan Foods This Year

As a food producer, you can’t afford to ignore the dietary shift that is the vegan movement. Whether it’s a reaction to animal processing practices, an attempt to get healthier, or a preference of taste, more people are ditching animals and their byproducts to subscribe to a vegan lifestyle.   Just ten years ago, “going […]

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Unusual Gelato Flavors

Gelato is similar to ice cream in a lot of ways. It’s a sweet frozen treat that’s perfect any time of year, and some of the most common ice cream flavors are just as popular in gelato – flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, for example. But one of the unique things about gelato […]

chinese food flavors
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Ingredients for Chinese Food Flavors

Other styles of cuisine may go in and out of fashion, but Chinese is a perennial favorite throughout the world. American style Chinese food flavors differ widely from traditional Chinese food in terms of the way that foods are prepared and the style of foods that are available. In addition to this, there are a […]

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Creating Products for the Food Service Industry

Flavorists who work on products for the mass market are, for the most part, focusing on creating ready-made products. With the exception of ingredients that customers must add themselves, as is sometimes the case with prepackaged food products, flavorists are offering buyers the complete package when it comes to food flavors. This is not necessarily […]

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Choosing Flavor Ingredients For Marinades

A marinade can make an ordinary cut of meat extraordinary, but the right ingredients and flavors must be chosen for the product. The goal with a marinade is not to mask the flavor of the meat, but to enhance it. Keeping that in mind, marinades can be very different in style and in the ingredients […]

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Popular Fruit Flavor Combinations

There are many ways to utilize great fruit flavor, but rather than seek out new and exotic fruits, sometimes it serves flavorists well to be innovative with fruit flavor combinations. Combining classic fruit flavors into new and unique combinations can be a great way to serve up a new twist to customers, and there are […]