macaroni and cheese
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Delicious Sauces for Boxed Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese out of the box, was a favorite childhood treat for many individuals. The nostalgia of this particular product – as well as the ease with which it can be made – has led to a growing trend on grocery store shelves. In addition to the traditional orange cheese sauce of macaroni and […]

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Latin American Marinades Offer Zesty New Marinade Options

Flavorists are exploring all the world’s cultures in order to derive delicious new flavors for many different kinds of products, ranging from ready-made dishes to desserts, spices, and much more. Some of the flavors driving a lot of inspiration in the flavor market are those of Latin America, from Mexico to various other regions, including […]

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Creating Delicious Bottled Smoothies

Smoothies offer buyers an incredible way to stay healthy, to watch their calorie count and to ensure that they are getting the recommended amount of fruits in their diet, even if they are very busy. While making your own fruit smoothie is perfection, not everybody has time to do that, every day. For many individuals, […]

flavor combinations
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Flavor Combinations for the Next Big Flavor Trends

One of the most difficult things that a flavorist can do is predict the next big flavor combinations. One of the most challenging aspects of this task is that upcoming trends can seem somewhat unusual. It is impossible to know which trends will take off and which will be the next big industry flavor.   […]

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Our Favorite Summer Seafood Flavors

Seafood is great year-round, but of course one of the best times to enjoy seafood flavors is during the summer. There are many different ways to enjoy seafood, whether it’s in bisque, on the grill, or steamed in the oven. Not only that, but there are countless ways of flavoring these delicious meats, with more […]

grape flavor ingredients
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Ways of Utilizing Grape Flavor Ingredients

Grape is one of the most instantly recognizable fruit flavors, but how many uses for grape flavor are there? The answer may be a bit surprising. Grape is used in a number of different ways, and there are many different possibilities when it comes to choosing the flavor ingredients that a flavorist will use to […]

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The Year of Protein Innovation

Diet trends change constantly, in large part due to new research about the way that food fuels our bodies. Researchers and health conscious blogs continue to remind consumers of the importance of protein in our daily diets. That’s not to say that the power of protein hasn’t been known for years – in fact, dieticians […]

cooking with essential oils
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Why Cooking With Essential Oils is Trending

Essential oils are unique in that they have such a broad range of uses. Although they are most often used in aromatherapy, perfumes, cosmetics, and massage, increasingly more people are bringing them into the kitchen as they learn about the advantages of cooking with essential oils. Cooking with essential oils is an activity that’s rapidly […]

lunch meat
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Bold Lunch Meat Options Go Big

The flavor industry has gone in two wildly different directions in recent years. The first is the direction of simple, delicate, and delicious. These types of products are light, natural, and usually keep the number of flavors being used to create them to the absolute minimum. Then, on the other hand, you have the big, […]

cola beverages
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The Range of Flavors Used in Cola Products

If you are not in the soft drink industry, then it is likely that you aren’t quite sure what goes into the formulas for cola beverages. This is, in fact, precisely what the cola industry is going for. While dozens of ingredients may go into the typical cola, they are in fact difficult to place. […]