Craft Soda Flavors
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Craft Soda: The Next Big Thing

Craft beer hit the market in a very big way, virtually changing the brewing industry overnight. And with that major change, came others in the beverage industry – namely, the rising popularity of artisanal and craft soda flavors, which can provide consumers with a wide range of more exotic flavors, unusual but delicious flavor combinations, and […]

seafood flavor enhancer
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Seafood Flavor Ingredients for Soups, Dips, and More

The rich seafood flavor of fish and shellfish are difficult to replicate, especially in frozen and packaged items. It is important to get the flavor ingredients used to enhance products like crab dip, chowders, and fish sauces just right. This is why so many food manufacturers turn to the use of flavor ingredients, such as […]

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Choosing Fruit Extracts for Brewing Beer

The craft beer movement has taken the country by storm, and as such it is a great time to consider all the incredible ways that extracts can be used to create new and unique beer flavors. Small, independent breweries and major breweries alike are looking for ways to ramp up their product lines with fruity […]

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The Uses for Leather Fragrance

What do most people think of when they consider the different types of fragrances that are available? Fruits and floral fragrances top the list, but there is another surprising aroma that ranks highly on the wish list of custom fragrance creation teams. The scent of leather is distinctive, powerful, and has a rich quality that […]

applesauce flavors
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Applesauce Flavors for Kids and Adults Alike

Applesauce may be a classic childhood treat, but many adults are enjoying it these days, in large part because of how healthy it is as a snack. Also contributing to the popularity of this product are the incredible variety of flavors that can be created with applesauce, from basic flavors to complex fruit flavors that […]

Natural Skin Care Fragrance
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Creating Fragrances for Natural Skin Care Products

It is not just those with sensitive skin who are seeking natural skin care products. In fact, an increasing number of people are looking to natural cosmetics and skin care products for their daily needs. This rising popularity means that it is more important than ever for companies who create these products to investigate new […]

spearmint flavor
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The Growing Use of Spearmint Flavor

Mint flavors are among the most common in the industry. However, spearmint rivals traditional mint for a number of different reasons. While the differences between spearmint and traditional mint are subtle, they can have a big impact on the overall flavor of a product. The experience of spearmint as opposed to traditional mint is much […]

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Identifying Wine Flavors

While traditional wines do not use flavoring other than grapes, an increasing number of winemakers are choosing to make special wine flavors. These wine-based beverages are captivating the market with their innovation, and while they cannot be labeled as typical table wines they have many different qualities that make them special.   That has opened up […]

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Perfume Notes Perfect for Spring

Springtime is the perfect time for buyers to experiment with bold new aromas, and for perfumists to experiment with new ingredients and new combinations in their fragrance creation efforts. This spring, bold new aromas are arriving on shelves right alongside fresh and fragrant classics – albeit with a little bit of a twist.   Spring is, […]

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Creating Great Pet Treat Flavors

Don’t our furry friends deserve a treat, too? Many people don’t think about the fact that creating flavors for pet food, as well as pet treats, requires just as much careful thought and planning as creating food products for human buyers. Of course our dogs, cats and other furry (and even feathery) friends care as […]