vegetable flavors
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Creating Natural Vegetable Flavors

While a lot of attention is placed on enhancing or even recreating the flavors of foods such as beef, pork, chicken, and seafood, it is just as vital for a food or flavor creation company to be able to recreate authentic vegetable flavors as well. There are a number of uses for vegetable flavor in […]

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What are the Uses of Walnut Flavor?

When it comes to flavor ingredients, most people are aware of the importance of the most popular flavors. Apple, pineapple, and citrus flavors are just a few examples of the “big guns” in the flavor industry, appearing in tasty treats ranging from beverages to baked goods. Even almond gets its fair share of recognition, being […]

cherry flavor
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The Ever Popular Cherry Flavor

From fruit juices to confectionery treats to cosmetics and more, there is hardly any flavor on the market that is more ubiquitous than cherry. However, the continued popularity of this flavor over the years means that, while it is a classic, it is also ripe for innovation and experimentation. Recent years have seen cherry flavor […]

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Essential Ingredients for Creating Flavorful Juices

Children and adults, foodies and health food addicts alike all enjoy the rich and flavorful tastes of juice. Though it has always held firm in the beverages market, juice has seen increased popularity over the past several years as people look to juices for flavor and refreshment that comes with the added bonus of being […]

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New and Unique Ways to Use Maple Flavors

Maple is a classic flavor that has been in homes for centuries. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for exploration and innovation when it comes to this flavor ingredient. Maple is appearing in an increasing number of food products, ranging from baked good and breakfast foods to confectionery treats. Maple flavor ingredients also […]

Pumpkin flavor
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The Complexities of Pumpkin Flavor

Every holiday season, consumers eagerly await the arrival of pumpkin flavored products. Each year, there are new items on store shelves and in restaurants for consumers to enjoy. These include pumpkin breads and cakes, pumpkin flavored frosting, pumpkin flavored coffee creamer, chocolates and other confectionery treats, and even pumpkin flavored ice creams, gelatos, and other […]

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Creating Flavors for Gluten-Free Foods

Many buyers are allergic to gluten and cannot tolerate it – others simply want to cut it from their diets in order to harness the health benefits of cleaner eating. Regardless of their reasoning, one fact is certain – gluten-free foods are becoming one of the fastest growing types of products on the food market. […]

sour flavors
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Ingredients for Sour Flavors

The flavor industry is one that knows all about pushing the limits, as it has done for years with hot foods that keep getting hotter, and other flavors that continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with different types of treats. However, when it comes to sour flavors, there has not been as […]

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A Holistic Healing Trend: Aromatherapy

Most people have utilized aromatherapy in some form without even realizing it. This is because it does not take an expert to realize that fragrances, especially those that have special meaning or appeal to an individual, can have a number of great benefits. Chief among them is the feeling of relaxation that a person can […]